I’m going to talk about an aspect of my life I didn’t think I’d revisit. When I was in sixth grade, I started at a small K-8 private school. I was reluctant to part with my friend group from my old school (I’d grown quite attached to them), but I was hopeful, too. I was […]

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On A Video I Watched

I watched a very sad PSA on YouTube that was posted by UNICEF. The beginning starts like this: the music is sort of nostalgic and happy at the same time. There are some beautiful wedding decorations. I see this one slightly worrying card that says, “She belongs to me”, so I think this is about […]

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My problem with the media

Ok, let me just say this real quick: in the news, you hear about young white men shooting up schools, movie theaters, black Baptist churches, etc. People say that those men started out fine, that something went wrong. But when non-white men commit similar acts of unspeakable evil (or are accused of committing those acts), […]

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